The Nordic Generation Team has decades of successful experience in wind development, constuction and investment.

We care deeply about having a positive and measurable impact on lowering emissions related to power generation.


Each member of the Nordic Generation team is highly motivated to play their part in the energy transition and reduce green house gas emissions associated with power generation.

New build wind is the leading energy generation technology in Scandinavia offering a highly compeitive cost of energy, proven reliability, sustained production and renewable credentials. 

Energy generated in Scandinavia today from new build wind farms offers utilities, consumers and industry a lower cost of energy compared to traditional sources of production.

Nordic Generation focuses on opportunities that have a market leading cost of energy production.

Renewable Energy Industry Practitioners.


We aim to build a leading portfolio of new build wind farms, furthing the decarbonisation of the energy system.

Nordic Generation aims to provide consistent and reliable market leading returns to our investors and stakeholders.